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If the booking you're looking for becomes unavailable, please wait 15 minutes before trying to book the same dates again. This Wix website places a hold on dates for 15 minutes once selected to ensure we do not double book the cabin. For general enquiries and further information, please contact us through this form: 

555 N Fork Cherry Highway

Richwood, WV 26261


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Crews Cabin by the Falls is located 1 mile outside the city limits of Richwood, WV.  Proceed through Richwood on Main Street (Rt 20/39) until making a sharp left turn on Park Place (at Hole in the Wall Pizza restaurant). Proceed 9/10 of a mile and you will see Crews Cabin driveway and signage on the left side of road. Rudolph Falls swimming area will be on your right. Four Seasons Lodge can be found on the right side of the road just past Crews Cabin.


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